From Left to Right:  Alyssa Pérez (2003), Marìa Pérez (2003), Joey Pérez (2003), Ben Pérez (2004), and Randy Pérez (2004)
12-2004 Joey Busted


MARCH 2005 COMMENTS     Hi Web Surfers, Wow!, March already, the year 2005 has hit the ground running. Randy's Wrestling season has come to an end.  His final Wrestling Stats are below. I would like to comment on Randy's accomplishment in Wrestling. He made it to Central Coast Sections of California.  That is the equivalent of making it to the State finals in any State of the Union accept for Texas and New York, by population of students. Randy still has two years left in High School, we all expect him to make it to State finals next year (remember he is wrestiling Varsity (he was beat out by an 18 old at CCS).  

More on Randy, now Randy has set his goal on going out for the Baseball Team at school, since their season has already started (three games in), he is behind in baseball practice, but in the best shape then all the players on the team (because of wrestling).  Randy hasn't played baseball for 3 years, he is out of practice......., but the coach has not told him to get lost.  Today, Randy is traveling with the team to game 3.  Maybe by next week they will give him a uniform, and we can post some baseball stats up on this site. Go Randy!

Alyssa, for the past few months has been practicing with the schools Track Team, and their season starts this week.  This is Aly's first time ever going out for the Track Team in High School. Her events are the SHOT PUT, DISCUSS, and the Two Mile event.  I'll try to keep her stats up on line for you all to see. Go Alyssa!

Ben continues to take lessons at The School Of The Blues, and learning a lot about Musics origins in the Blues. He also, has started a Garage Band with two other boys his own age. They are looking for a singer, Any Takers?

WINTER 2005 COMMENTS     Hi Everyone......January is upon us, and the new year. Below is Randy's Wrestling Record for this year. Come back and check out our site every week to see how Randy is doing and give him your support....

NOTE:  That Randy is wrestling Varsity, and in a higher weight class, he should be wrestling 161 lbs.  But his coach has him wrestling guys 10 lbs heavier then he is.  Also, note Randy has never been pinned..............





Oak Grove Vs. James Lick Oak Grove 171 LBS Won  By Points
Oak Grove Vs. Westmont Oak Grove 171 LBS Loss By Points 8 to 4
Oak Grove Vs. Overfelt Oak Grove 161 LBS Won By Points 2 to 0
Overfelt Tournament 1st Match 171 LBS Won By Pin
Randy took 8th Place Overall 2nd Match 171 LBS Won By Pin
  3rd Match 171 LBS Won By Points 2 to 4
Randy Vs #1 Seated in Tourny 4th Match 171 LBS Lost By Pin 
  5th Match 171 LBS Lost By Points
Oak Grove Vs. Silver Creek Silver Creek  Takes First Place in the League Away From Oak Grove.  Tough Defeat for OG. 171 LBS Won By Forfeit
Oak Grove Vs. Willow Glen Oak Grove 161 LBS Won By Pin
League Finals 1st Match 161 LBS Won By Points 8 to 3
League Finals 2nd Match 161 LBS Lost By Points 6 to 4
League Finals 3rd Match 161 LBS Won By Pin
League Finals 4th Match 161 LBS Lost By Points 5 to 3
League Finals 5th Match 161 LBS Won By Pin
Central Coast Sections Or CCS Finals 1st Match Vs. Terra Nova 161 LBS Lost By Points 5 to 3
CCS Finals 2nd Match Vs. Palma 161 LBS Won By Pin
CCS Finals 3rd Match Vs. Cupertino 161 LBS Lost By Pin

FALL 2004 COMMENTS     Hi to all of our family and friends.  As we head down the Fall stretch to the end of the year for 2004 we have a lot to reflect on and look forward to.  The Pérez family has had tough year, yet when I write I try to only show the positive news.  But, since we have overcame adversity, I have decided to put it down in cyberspace (on paper).  The year began in January with my father, Joe Perez, having a stroke with vertigo.  At this time we moved my father in with us for his recovery.  Marìa, at this time, has been unemployed for over a year, as you can imagine the monetary issues, with raising three teenagers, etc. Combined with the economy and the recession it weighs heavy on the whole family. Fate, combined these two incidents, which allowed Marìa to help care for my father.

     About, this time we learned that Randy needed surgery.  For a common procedure, but, it still adds to the weight on the Pérez family.  Randy had his surgery in March, and he has healed well for a strong young man. My father is still living with us and beginning to get back to his normal self.  Marìa, was offered a job, a temporary contract job working for Novellus (here in Silicon Valley).  Marìa, was way over qualified for the job, and the pay was low, with no benefits.

     As we enter the summer months we are grateful that life is beginning to return to "Positive Vibes".  Accept for,,,, Believe it or not, at this time all of our car's automotive batteries DIE, my fathers two cars, my truck, Marìa's car.  AAA auto club was busy with us.  The coincidence is almost overwhelming.................but on reflection, all the batteries were 4 years old or older..................... But what a pain in the A**.......................

    In the end of summer, my father as to go into Emergency, for a different health issue.  And Marìa's contract gets bid out by another company working with Novellus and she is let go.  The weight returns onto the Pérez family.  As September approaches the Pérez's tighten there belts, and start to lift the weight.  My father is scheduled for surgery for his other health issue and is still living with us.  Marìa begins a back and forth job process with a very good "Union" organized company.  (Are you hooked? Do you want to know what happens next? Stay tuned, Same "Bat Channel", Same "Bat Time") 

     Marìa's application gets picked out of 500 plus applicants for the position.  She is asked to come in and take a test with 50 other applicants.  Marìa is asked to come into an interview with a panel of interviewers. They only interviewed three people.  Marìa is offered the job, YEAH!!!.  It turns out that Marìa, scored the highest on the test.  And that she beat out two men with college degrees in the interview process.  Marìa's 9 years of job experience comes to fruitition and validation with the job offer.  As the Pérez family already new, that Marìa is one of a kind and a great person.  Her Karma has come around................My father's surgery is a success with no side affects, issues or problems, YEAH!.

     Individual Pérez family news for each of us is written below.

PÈREZ FAMILY NEWS (updated November 15, 2004)

Randy Pérez     Randy begins his second year in High School and has begun working on improving his grades.  And has started training for Wrestling Team.  The coach has high hopes for Randy.  If Randy can hold his grades he can go all the way................... Calif. State Champ.  As you can imagine, that is a lot of pressure for him.  (He can do it!).

Alyssa Pérez     Aly begins her third year in High School and has returned for her third season with the schools Cross Country Team, where Aly is running for Varsity Squad.  Aly continues to pursue her love for the theater with her second year of Drama and is working on her Act for the upcoming, "Talent Express" for her High School.  Some pictures of Aly's CC Team below.

Alyssa's Cross Country 2003 Photo

Benjamin Pérez     Ben begins his first year in High School. (Yeah!, all three Pérez kids are in the same school) Ben begins to find his niche and get used to High School.  Ben has begun to take "Blues" lessons for his Bass at the School Of The Blues (see the link to the left).  Where international famous musitions own and teach at the school.  On a side note, Ben has also started his own "Garage Band" (maybe I finally get to Produce an Album, a different story).

Joey And Marìa Pérez     For Joey and Marìa, our Faith and Love has brought us through all of this adversity and has made our love for each other and our family stronger. We look forward to the holidays where family and friends can be together.  This is where we live in the hearts of our family and friends.  "Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often"  

     SUMMER 2004 COMMENTS     YEAH!! It is Summer Time.  The Pérez Family went to our 4th Annual free concert at the beach with the Greg Kihn Band in late June.  See the "CARTOON CHARACTER PHOTO" to the left.  This was drawn by one of Greg's radio listeners who picked the Pérez Family out of the concert crowd and then turned us into cartoons, for free. Then Greg went ahead and autographed the photo, Thanks Greg!. We look forward to try to fit in more fun into this summer, I'll let you know as the summer goes on.

     SPRING 2004 COMMENTS        Hello to all of family and friends.  Happy Spring! I have been busy looking through photos and have been picking out many to create the latest Photo Albums.  Take some time and look at all the photos.  We have many family members making their debut on our website in these new albums.  To name a few:  Chuck Preciado, Bob Smith, Lucas Gomez, Alicia Gomez, Soly Kandah, Carlota Lago, Gillian Smith, Thalia Smith, Lynn Smith, Dezi Smith, Sabrina Corfield Watson .  Explore our site we have many new features.

LINKS     Some new links on our home page are some passions of mine, Joey's, that I want to promote.  First, is Amy Schugar, (www.amyschugar.com) a new rock and roll artist who teamed up with Rocker Michael Shenker And his band, The Michael Shenker Group (formerly of the 70's Rock Band UFO).  Rich, my best friend, Marìa and I recently went to see MSG with Amy playing, at a local club.  They rocked with some great tunes from MSG, and UFO, and some new tunes with Amy.  We got to meet Michael and Amy after the gig and also got some autographed CDs.  From Joey to you, Go check out her web site and listen to her tunes.  Some record companies better snag Amy up....................she is great artist!  With Michael on Guitar.......  Amy Schugar has contacted us and signed our guest book.  Keep on Rocken Amy!!  Amy Schugar has linked our site to  her site on her links page:  


NEW! NEW! Amy Schugar has asked me to tell everyone to pick up the latest Issue of Metal Maniacs Magazine, JANUARY 2005 Issue.  Amy was interviewed for this issue.

Autumn Hill     This is a link to one of my friends site, Jennifer and Greg.  Jennifer used to be my direct supervisor and friend.  She still is a friend, she moved to the East Coast where she is busy creating her dream home.  Their site shows pictures of their remodeling triumphs.

SchoolOfTheBlues.com    This is a link to Ben's Blues School.

DoomBuggies.com     This is a Disney Site I came across that is about, The E-ticket rides, The Haunted Mansions at Disneyland and Disneyworld.  This site contains pictures, history, stories, ghost sightings at the ride and interviews with cast members. It is a lot of fun...........................BOO!

StarWars.com     With Episode Three coming up in the Spring of 2005, it is a great way to see what is coming.  "Rise, Lord Darth Vader", "Yes, Master"........................................

Elvira.com    Elira Mistress Of The Dark, Halloween's FemFatale and Funny Bone has always been a favorite of the Pérez Family.  Especialy Aly who is a big fan.

Van Halen.com     The Number One Band in the World, Enuff Said!!!!

SaveDisney.com, is a site run by Walt Disney's nephew, Roy Disney, who is promoting the removal of Michael Eisner.  "Bring back the Magic".  Check out the site and support Roy Disney.

As always, Happy Surfing, Cowabunga!!


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Who are the Pérez Family?, We are Joey Pérez, Marìa Pérez, Randy Pérez, Alyssa Pérez and Benjamin Pérez