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Hello Everyone! I have finally had a chance to work on updating the site. I have added Three New Photo Albums with over 120 photos. Updated the News for each family member below. So, As Always, Cowabunga! Happy Surfing......

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Hi Everyone! It has been awhile since I have posted any new News VERY LONG WHILE JOEY TEST TEXT. This past year has been very challenging for the Perez Family. But, in Perez Style we have all made it through the trials that life has put in front of us. We also have many, many, succeses, celebrations, and events this past year.

Randy Pérez     Randy News........ I have a lot to say about Randy this past year. First the hearbreak, As Randy entered the Wrestling Season for this year, after a few weeks in, he caught a infection, which took him out for the rest of the season and put him in the hospital for four days. As you can imagine, this hit Randy hard. His team went on to regain their District Champion Title.
Summer started good for Randy as he started his summer job as a Life Gaurd for a local theme park. And finaly being able to see his favorite bands play at this years "OZZFEST 2006". Randy has already began training for this years Wrestling Team..... GO RANDY!!

Alyssa Pérez      Alyssa News.........This year for Alyssa is the cumulation of the previous 12 years. She graduated from High School and in Perez Style we celebrated with the biggest Perez Party to date. See some of the photos of the party in the new album link above. Aly returned to her Life Guard role for the summer. Now that fall has arrived she has already began taking her classes at College. She is already making new friends at college. We are so proud of her making it....... and doing it....Remember Alyssa, Work Hard So you can Play Hard!!!!!!! (Perez Family Moto)

Benjamin Pérez     Ben News........Ben has been the strong support for the Family during this past year. He has helped me most of all get through this past year. Thank You, Ben!!. Ben has got a hair cut... styled.....as you can see by his photo above... doesn't he look like a Rock Star? Ben continues with the School Of The Blues, and in May had a concert with the school, see the photos linked above. Ben continues to do well in school and music. Ben An American Idon Fan... went to see Kelly Clarkson in Concert and could not stop talking about it for over a week... And now We await, to hear is debut CD, with his band.

Joey And Marìa Pérez    For Joey and Marìa, our Faith and Love has brought us through to this new year. I would have to say this past year has been a trial in life and the verdict is that We Passed. As you can see by reading the news of our children that this year has been full. I want to talk about this Summer... We had fun, starting off with Aly's Grad Party.... followed by our Traditional Outings to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Free Concerts on the Beach, with Eddie Money.....Followed by a 4th Of July BBQ with my best friend Rich....Family and Friends gathered for The Sammy Hagar Concert with Tesla, Attendees included, Chuck (Hi Chuck), Rich, The Perez Family, and Aly's Friend Patrick. The concert came at a great time to releave the pressures of work, life, etc.... Recently, we went back out to the Beach to See Starship, I just Love to hear the surf, smell the air, and be in the sand.... they rocked on top of it all.....

I can't end without mentioning that it is My 20 Year Class Reunion the week of September 9th... To all of my CLASSMATES Rock On!!
NEW!! I wanted to say the Reunion was a blast. To see everyone again and how much we have changed or not changed. But what I can say is that we still have a strong bond as friends and as a class. We have put up a website for us to stay in touch and share photos from that night, just click on the thumbnail below...

I have to mention the "OutLaws of Comedy" where just last Saturday, I saw Rich open up the night for comics at "the Quarter Note" in Sunnyvale.... that meets our Laugh Often Moto..... I am Proud of Rich, reaching out for his dreams of becoming a Comic I am overwhelmed by how often he is out there doing his stuff, every week, Go Rich!!! 

It is time for me to go, So, Remember "Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often" 

As always, Happy Surfing, Cowabunga!!

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