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The images on this web site are NOT FREE. These images are NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Motion Picture Studios, Movie Producers, Actor/Actress Agent, Screenwriters

The Pérez Family is always available for acting positions, for movies, sitcoms, commercials for radio, TV, and motion pictures (movies). Please see the contact information at the bottom of the page. Many of the stories here are the Copyright of Joey And Maria Pérez. But, they would make great movie scenes, for the right of use, please contact Joey and Maria Pérez directly, see the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Licensing Requests

In order for us to quote a licensing fee, Joey and Maria Pérez need to know specific details of your intended use of our web site content and image(s), including: advertising, editorial, uses: e.g.)
Text books, magazines, brochures, postcards, calendars, annual reports, wall displays, web site use, CDROMs. Also, the quantity involved for licensing in the form of print run (how many copies of the product will be produced), rights (regional, domestic, worldwide, nonexclusive, first, exclusive, etc.), time period (six months, three years, one time, etc.) and delivery (duplicate film, original film, 20MB digital file, drum scan, etc.).

Image Delivery

Image(s), text, and web site content can be provided on Floppy Disk (Mac Format Only), CD Rom( All platforms) and via E-mail. They can be stored in any format compatible with Photoshop or Illustrator, including JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, GIF, etc.


We encourage you to browse through the hundreds of photographs in this site. Please understand that they are NOT FREE -- they may be licensed for a negotiable fee. The content of this site is made available for purposes entertainment, and personal use by Joey and Maria Pérez. No image is to be copied, duplicated, modified or redistributed in whole or part without the prior written permission from Joey and Maria Pérez.

Our livelihood as photographers and videographers is predicated upon making photographic and videographic images and licensing rights to use those images. Please know that these images are costly to produce and that we do not give away their use. Please respect domestic and international copyright law, and understand that copyright law is what makes professional photography possible and protects a photographer«s ability to market his own creations. It is for these reasons, and the tendancy on the internet for images to be copied without compensation or credit.

Without exception, all text and photographs are copyright © Joey And Maria
Pérez. All rights are reserved worldwide. No image may used, for any purpose other than temporary caching by web browsers, without prior written permission from Joey And Maria Pérez. While the content of this site is deemed accurate, it is neither legally binding nor guaranteed. Joey And Maria Pérez are not responsible for improper use of the material (text, images) contained in this site. The entire content of this site, as a whole and in its parts, is protected by international copyright law.

Web Site Use

Web site use (i.e., OUR image(s) appearing on YOUR site) is no different that any other use -- it requires a licensing fee and a properly executed licensing agreement. We may allow use or display of our images in exchange for a credit line. Regardless of the orientation of the web site in question (e.g., educational, non-profit, charity, personal, etc.) -- the display must be accompanied by an agreement and/or fee.

WEB SITES: We do NOT allow our photographs to be copied to or displayed on a web site (educational, non-profit, personal or otherwise) without a properly executed licensing agreement and/or licensing fee. Please contact us if you wish to use or license any of our image(s), text, or web content for your site.

PRINTED REPORTS: Teachers please note that our images do NOT fall under any "fair use" law, unless you have purchased a text book that includes the image.

Contact Information
Joey and Maria
Perez can be reached at:


Address/Post: P.O. Box 320741
Los Gatos, California
United States of America

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Who are the Pérez Family?, We are Joey Pérez, Maria Pérez, Randy Pérez, Alyssa Pérez and Benjamin Pérez