The Sea Monster

The Sea Monster


This story takes place between the beaches of Seacliff State Beach and Rio Del Mar public beaches in Aptos a few miles South of Santa Cruz. The family was staying about a mile up from the beach in a two room house which was lent to us by my sister's employer ( an Orthodontist, if I remember correctly). My cousins and I were sleeping on the floor, eating cold sandwiches but having a blast at the beach.

For this story there are several characters in the story, if you have read the Furry Face you have already met two of the characters, Joey and Donald. Now I would like to introduce you to Karen and Danny, Donald's younger brother and sister who are maternal twins.

A lagoon was created where the river drains between the two beaches into the ocean, which is very shallow, for all of us to play around in. One morning Joey and Donald went down to the beach before anyone else and found a VERY LARGE piece of Seaweed, or it's official name "Kelp". This piece of Kelp must have been about 20 feet long with a large bulbous mound on the end, with stringy seaweed leaves hanging off the top.

Donald and I, played with it, pretending it was a sea snake, train, whatever else our imagination could think of. Then the idea hit us.

Donald, why don't we hide the seaweed and scare Danny and Karen with it when they get here, Joey asked. Yeah!, we could tell them we saw this monster in the water!, Donald said. , And we can say we saw it EAT a sea gull, Joey responded.

The boys snickered as they conspired some more lies to tell Danny and Karen. And put there plans into motion. Danny and Karen showed up about an hour later.

Danny asked, why aren't you guys in the water?  Joey, you tell him, said Donald. No, you tell them, Joey said. Tell us what!, asked Karen. We saw a SEA MONSTER, swimming in the lagoon, said Joey. Na Hu!, there is no monsters in the lagoon, said Danny and Karen. Danny and Karen started to go into the lagoon, first, looking at the lagoon then at each other. Danny and Karen, knowing that Joey and Donald are up to something, are cautious about entering the water, but enter anyway. Seeing that Joey and Donald are more than ten feet away, feel secure enough to taunt the older boys.

You guys, are just trying to scare us. It's not going to work, says Karen. There were no sea monsters in the lagoon yesterday, says Danny. Ok, hey!, what was that?, I felt something swim by my leg, says Donald.

Meanwhile, Joey is trying to push the Kelp towards Danny and Karen without attracting attention, and without letting the kelp surface to the top of the water. As luck would have it, the huge bulbous head surfaces and breaks the water with a splash right between Danny and Karen.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!, shouted Danny and Karen. Danny and Karen both took off towards the shore of the lagoon. Danny trips while trying to get to the shore. Donald, see this as an opportunity, and pushes the Kelp right at Danny. YEEEOOOOWWWW!, Danny screamed. It's got me!!!, It's got Me!!!, cried Danny. Karen, scared, but on the shoreline, screams, Danny is drowning!.

Fear sets in on Joey and Donald. The Mommies are coming to the lagoon answering Karen's call. Meanwhile, Danny escapes the clutches of the Kelp and makes it to the sure line. Donald and Joey, quickly start thinking of away to defuse the situation and to keep from getting in trouble with The Mommies.

Lets get out of here and hide on the other side of the lagoon, says Donald. Joey ignoring Donald's request, shouts, There is no Sea Monster, we made it up, look, it's just a piece of Sea Weed. Danny, crying, turns and looks at the the Kelp, and says, You guys Suck!. Karen, also says, Yeah, you guys Suck!, but also starts laughing at Danny. Meanwhile, Joey takes Donald's advice and takes off toward the other side of the lagoon. That was hilarious, did you see their faces?, asked Donald. Yeah, they were scared out of their pants, replied Joey. What do you want to do next?, asked Donald.

The End 

Written By Joey Pérez 

Copyright © 2002, Joey and Maria Pérez.

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