Alyssa's 2001 Statistics To Date

7th Grade Girls
Date: 2001 Track Season At Davis Jr. High
Updated: May 24, 2001
Player Name Alyssa_Pérez Meet 1 Vs. Chaboya &_Quimby Oak Time In Minutes   Meet 2 Vs. Gilroy_Jr._High &_Brownelle Time In Minutes   Meet 3 Vs. Herman Time In Minutes  
1-Mile Race 7th Place 7.00 5th Place 6.587 3rd Place 6.44.9
880 Yard Race 9th Place Not Sure 3rd Place 3.1362 4th Place 3.03.4
Running_Long_Jump ??? Place 9'3" ??? Place 9'7" ??? Place 8'11.50"
Player Name Alyssa_Pérez Practice With Mom And Dad 5/26/01 Time In Minutes   League Finals &Gilroy H.S. Time In Minutes   Sectionals & Gilroy H.S. Time In Minutes  
1-Mile Race 0.00 0.00 8th Place Not Timed Not Competing  
880 Yard Race 0.00 3.28 7th Place Not Timed Not Competing  
Running_Long_Jump 10 Feet   Not Competing   Not Competing  
100 Yard Race 0.00 0.19        
220 Yard Race 0.00 0.43        
440 Yard Race 0.00 1.47        
Player Name Alyssa_Pérez County Finals & Silver Creek H.S. Time In Minutes     Time In Minutes   Time In Minutes  
1-Mile Race Not Competing   Place   Place  
880 Yard Race Not Competing   Place   Place  
Running_Long_Jump Not Competing   Place   Place  

Last Updated on 5/24/01
By Joey Pérez, Proud Father

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