Welcome to the Pérez Family Halloween Page. I have decided to write down one of my children's favorite "True" Halloween Stories usually told at the dinner table.

Boys Will Be Boys
By Joey Pérez

     Once upon a Halloween, back in the 1970's somewhere there was a group of neighborhood boys who always went "Trick or Tricking" together.  Near the end of the night while the boys were walking back to their part of the neighborhood.  Several "Older Boys" on bicycles came riding by, very fast, with arms out trying to grab the candy bags of the smaller boys.

     Zooom! Grab!, "They got my candy!", yelled Chris.  We couldn't catch them.  All the boys pitched in and gave Chris a lot of Candy from their ownsacks of Candy.  The boys did not recognize the older boys and new they were from a different neighborhood.

     The following year, on Halloween Night the boys all got together again and went "Trick or Tricking".  Again, while out that night, the rumor of the Boys on Bikes was out in the Neighborhood.  This year we were determined not to let it happen again.


     Zoom! You could here the older boys coming down the street.
"Spread out!" yelled Chris.  The boys followed the "Vengeful" Chris's orders.  "Here they come!", said Chris.

     Zoom!, went by the bikes, again with their arms out reaching for bags.  As "Justice" would have it the same Older boy grabs Chris's Candy bag.  But Chris doesn't let go.  Boom!, the older boy gets pulled off his bike and falls on the street between all the younger boys.

"Get Him!", yells Chris
Seven Little boys with "Heavy Candy Sacks", start to hit the boy with their Sacks of Candy.
"Stop!, Stop!", crying the older boy, whimpering.  Chris responds, "Get out of Here"  Getting up, Crying, the older boy then walks his bike out of site.

     Triumphet and with a little bit of Glee and Pride, the boys finish their walk home, knowing that the Boys on Bikes will never return to their Neighborhood again.  And you know, they never did.

The End

 There were once three young goblins, I mean children that lived on Ghoulish Way, with all the other, orcs and trolls.
Some Halloween Photos of the Pérez's Family and Friends. Just Click on the Thumbnail Photo and it will take you to the Ghoulish Photo.

1992 Aly and  Efren
1992  Maria And Aly
1999 Aly  And Randy
2000 Veronica Lago
1999 Aly And Classmates
2003 Andre and Joey on Halloween 2003 Halloween Pumpkin 2003 Pérez's Haunted Yard 2003 Inside the Pérez's Haunted Tent of Doom, The Wolfman Scarecrow 2003 Inside the Pérez's Haunted Tent of Doom, A Bat
2003 Inside the Pérez's Haunted Tent of Doom 2003 Halloween Thalia and Gillian Smith 2003 Halloween Lynn Smith, A Pirate Wench 2003 Inside the Pérez's Haunted Tent of Doom 2003 Halloween Alyssa

2003 Inside the Pérez's Haunted Tent of Doom, A Fogger, Strobe Light, Glowing Skulls, Jack O Lanterns

2003 Halloween, Trick Or Treaters, Volicitie and Tanesha Dodge 2003 Halloween Look at all the munchies, Lynn Smith and Joey 2003 Halloween


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