The above picture was taken on August 10, 2001 at a "Journey" concert.  Let me tell you about this day.  I was stoked about going to see Journey again (I haven't seen Journey since 1987).  Not only Journey, but Peter Frampton and John Wait.  We are planning to meet my best friend "Rich Anderson" and some of his friends from work (Hi Elizabeth) at the concert.  Prior to this day, Joey's "Suburban" decided to breakdown (The Pérez's usual mode of transportation).  So, on the day of the concert Joey had to drive Maria to work, then drive himself to work (using Maria's car, 1989 Ford Tempo).  Then after work go and pick up Randy and Ben, and the munchies....and then go pick Maria up, from work.
     We picked up Maria and started on our way to the concert.  Then, "SPPPPSSHSHSHSHSHHS" and smoke filled the air from under the hood as we went down the road.  Joey, panicking, just a little, turns off the road and then realizes his dads house is about 5 minutes away and decides to take us there.  Joey's dad surprised and happy to see everyone.  Joey's Dad "Cool" as always, saves the day and takes the whole Pérez Family and the munchies to the Concert.  We arrived (Journey Arrival Tour) on time and then the picture ABOVE was taken.

     We still had the problem on how we were going to get home, if we could not find Rich.  Luck on our side we met up with Rich as planned and he gave us the ride home.  Journey rocked out with, Steve Augery (singer), Neil Schon (guitar), Jonathan Cain (keyboard), Ross Valory (guitar), ????????? (drummer).

    Where is Alyssa?  Aly was in Mexico with her Tia's (aunts) visiting with Abuelita (Grandma) while we were at the Journey Concert.

     The Pérez's started the 2001 Summer with Randy and Aly's big birth
day bash (Teenagers).  Followed by, several weeks later, with trips to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  Our first trip to the Boardwalk was combined with another "Greg Khin" Concert at the Beach, again.  A few weeks later we returned to the beach to see "Starship" in concert.


     As we enter the "Fall" Season of 2001 the Pérez's stay busy.  Randy started Junior High.  Aly "Rules The School" as an 8th grader.  Busy with "Cross Country Team" and with "Soccer" on the weekends.  Benjamin also "Rules The School" as a 6th Grader.  Ben will be starting Band this month.  He will be taking classes at the Junior High.  He has chosen the "Clarinet" as his instrument.  Mom and Dad just Keep on Going.

The Greg Kihn Band (GKB)
Photo Taken by Richard Anderson 7/2000
     I would like to take up this space talking a little bit about the "New Pérez Family Web Site".  I have added a page for each member of the family.  These pages include photos from throughout their lives.  For the Pérez children, I have selected all of their "School Portraits" for each year.  The pages will also include favorite links from each of the people highlighted in those pages. 

     I have also added a Family Tree, which is represented from the "Pérez Family" perspective.  I would like to build "Family Trees" for the many extended branches of the Family.  Some of these trees can include:  The Lynn Tree, The Barney Tree. The Kandah Tree, The Gomez Tree, Woodford Tree, The Lago Tree, and many more.  I will need help from the families to create these trees.  So expect some inquiries from me.

     My favorite new section is "The Photo Trunk" which is a page of all the various photo albums that I have posted to the site.  We have several New Photo Pages.  Some of these new pages are:

The Pérez's 2000 Seattle Weekend Vacation, with wedding pictures from Judy and Matt Scott's wedding.  Also, pictures of Judy and Matt's Horses; Tiger, Rainy, and Star........

Randy's 2000 Baseball Season, "The Yankees"

The Who's Who Photo Page, an individual photo of each family member and friends of the Pérez Family, and how they are related to us "A Work In Progress".

Friends and Family Volume II, a compilation of everyone throughout the years.


     I have also added photos to the "Halloween Photo Page" , these new photos are from the  2000 Pérez Halloween Party, and a few more photos out of the "Past".

     I would like to introduce the newest member of the family, Scrappy Doo Pérez, who is a Chihuahua puppy "Puppy Power!".  Randy and I, found her as a stray (only 2 months old) with a bad case of skin mites.  Her immune system was not strong enough to fight them off.  She was hairless, with scabs, etc.  We have nursed her back to health (with the help of the Vet).  I hope to have some pictures of her up soon.

     Enjoy the web site and happy Surfing,,,,,,,,,,  Please e-mail us just to say, Hi,

God Bless, The Pérezsssssssssssss

Journey 2001

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Who are the Perez Family?, We are Joey Perez, Maria Perez, Randy Perez, Alyssa Perez and Benjamin Perez


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Who are the Pérez Family?, We are Joey Pérez, Maria Pérez, Randy Pérez, Alyssa Pérez and Benjamin Pérez