2003 Spring Easter Celebration Photo
From Left to Right:  Joey Pérez, Randy Pérez, Ben Pérez, Maria Pérez, and Alyssa Pérez



     SUMMER 2004 COMMENTS     YEAH!! It is Summer Time.  The Pérez Family went to our 4th Annual free concert at the beach with the Greg Kihn Band in late June.  See the "CARTOON CHARACTER PHOTO" to the left.  This was drawn by one of Greg's radio listeners who picked the Pérez Family out of the concert crowd and then turned us into cartoons, for free. Then Greg went ahead and autographed the photo, Thanks Greg!. We look forward to try to fit in more fun into this summer, I'll let you know as the summer goes on.

     SPRING 2004 COMMENTS        Hello to all of family and friends.  Happy Spring! I have been busy looking through photos and have been picking out many to create the latest Photo Albums.  Take some time and look at all the photos.  We have many family members making their debut on our website in these new albums.  To name a few:  Chuck Preciado, Bob Smith, Lucas Gomez, Alicia Gomez, Soly Kandah, Carlota Lago, Gillian Smith, Thalia Smith, Lynn Smith, Dezi Smith, Sabrina Corfield Watson .  Explore our site we have many new features.

     We have many new photos of family and friends who have already made their debut on our web site, not mentioned above, so go see if you are in one of our albums.

     We have added some poems, word searches, animation and comics written by members of the Pérez Family in our Pérez Family Stories section of our site.

PÈREZ FAMILY NEWS (updated June 18, 2004)

Randy Pérez      Randy has hit a milestone, he has had his braces removed, YEAH!.  Randy is gearing up for summer, possibly getting a summer job, and summer school. Randy spent most of winter wrestling for his high school, for both JV and Varsity Teams (see his album above).  Randy placed 1st  in the School District for JV. Randy recently entered a poem in a school wide competition.  I posted the poem to our Family Stories Section of our site, go and check it out.

Alyssa Pérez     Alyssa recently hit a milestone, she had her braces taken off, Yeah!.  Alyssa, has just finished 6 months worth of dance classes which finalized in a Dance Recital for her class and school.  Her group did a bit of Jazz Dance to music from the movie/play Chigago.  They wore costumes with hats and canes.  Last Fall, Alyssa ran for the Varsity Cross Country Team for her high school.  Last Winter she entered the, "Talent Express" (talent show at school), with her best friends Jaime and JT.

Benjamin Pérez     Ben recently hit a milestone, he had his braces taken off, Yeah!  Another Milestone for Ben, He graduates from Junior High this June, and his current Long Touring Days are suspended for the summer.  Ben is planning to go on to "Advanced Band", and if he can pass the auditions, "Jazz Band" for next Fall.  Ben,  for regular Band Ben plays the Bass Clarinet (see his album above) and for Jazz Band plays the Bass Guitar.  The Jazz Band recently received a "Command Performance" at the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival (Santa Cruz - positive vibe one of our favorite places).  Also, Ben just returned from a 4 day road trip to the Fullerton Jazz Festival, near DisneyLand.  NEW PHOTOS FROM BEN'S FULLERTON TRIP, BELOW.

Ben, Mary Poppins, Jennifer, Penquin, Brent, David, and Kevin

Jennifer, Kevin, Brent, Goofy, and Ben

Joey And Maria Pérez     Maria has been busy as the "Mom Taxi" for the Pérez kids.  All of us have been helping take care of Papa Joe (my dad), he has been  ill and has moved in with us.  It has been a joy to have him with us.  Sharing his life experiences with us all, even I have learned many new things about my father.  With my dad has come the "Queen of all Sheba" his little dog Nena (half terrier and Chi).  Tess and Scrappy (our dogs) have also had to adjust, teaching Nena how to be a dog (eat dog food).  Joey is sporting an all out Goatee on his chin, with almost a full years growth (in August 2004).

LINKS     Some new links to the left are some passions of mine, Joey, that I want to promote.  First, is Amy Schugar, (www.amyschugar.com) a new rock and roll artist who teamed up with Rocker Michael Shenker And his band, The Michael Shenker Group (formerly of the 70's Rock Band UFO).  Rich, my best friend, Maria and I recently went to see MSG with Amy playing, at a local club.  They rocked with some great tunes from MSG, and UFO, and some new tunes with Amy.  We got to meet Michael and Amy after the gig and also got some autographed CDs.  From Joey to you, Go check out her web site and listen to her tunes.  Some record companies better snag Amy up....................she is great artist!  With Michael on Guitar.................NEW  Amy Schugar has contacted us and signed our guest book.  Keep on Rocken Amy!! NEW Amy Schugar has linked our site to  her site on her links page:   http://amyschugar.com/links.php

     SaveDisney.com, is a site run by Walt Disney's nephew, Roy Disney, who is promoting the removal of Michael Eisner.  "Bring back the Magic".  Check out the site and support Roy Disney.

     Ted Nugent.com, Ted, has slowly entered the Pérez subconscious minds.  After, seeing Ted last year with ZZ Top, on his "Shock and Awe" tour, his reality TV Show on VH1, and his hunting ways, he has creeped in.  Joey, a long time bow shooter, as well as Ted, share similar interests. Some of those interests include Bow Shooting, A love for family, A love for the American Way of Life, and A love for Rock and Roll.  His web sight is very cool, and is one of the best web Sites for any Band/Person on the web that I have seen.

     SaveFarscape.com, Farscape a television series on the SciFi Channel was a Friday Night Pastime for the Pérez Family, until the network decided to cancel the show, prematurely.  As any good sci fi fan we wanted our show back, so we started to support SaveFarscape.com, Farscape fans are known as "Scapers", Scapers unite!, we want our aliens that fart helium, sci fi babes, cool heroes that name their guns, "Winona", ships that are alive, and weird aliens that emit heat, and most of all a  Love Story between our hero and a female alien.........................

     Farscape Fan site, another Farscape Site.

As always, Happy Surfing, Cowabunga!!




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Who are the Perez Family?, We are Joey Perez, Maria Perez, Randy Perez, Alyssa Perez and Benjamin Perez


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Who are the Pérez Family?, We are Joey Pérez, Maria Pérez, Randy Pérez, Alyssa Pérez and Benjamin Pérez